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My name is Bryan O'Connor

Hi, I'm Bryan and I am a Web Developer who specializes in the front end using React to develop a wide variety of web applications. I have a background of four years of experience in the food industry. In those four years I have gained a great amount of teamwork and leadership skills and through those skills I was able to grow as a person to overcome everyday obstacles and hurdle above them. Our company has a web site that allowed employees to view their employee information like schedule or pay check. That was great to have but the only downside was that it was extremely buggy. I was always curious as to why it was buggy and if there was anything that could be done to fix the bug. My curiosity led to the profession of web development. I wanted to fix and discover what caused the bug that caused me frustration.

Through my smart spending habits I was able to save enough money to invest in my future and delve into the tech industry with Bloc's Web Developer Track. Throughout my time at Bloc I developed intricate projects and learned cutting edge Web Development technologies. A recent project I developed was a chat room web application that allows a user to sign on,create chat rooms, and send messages. Throughout the development of the chat room web application, by combining my ability to effectively research technical difficulties and problem solving skills, I was able to develop the application as efficiently as possible. With my new found knowledge I am confident and excited to make the transition into this industry to excel and thrive as a developer


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